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Helping School Districts Meet the AT Needs of Their Students

Coaching for IEP Teams and District AT Specialists

Coaching Services Include:

  • Coaching for IEP Teams - Whether it be for implementation plans or providing resources and recommendations for technology,  I can work with your IEP teams to ensure all members are trained and create a plan for the ‘when, where, and how’ of successful AT integration into your student's existing and future schedules.



  • Review of AT Assessments - Concerned about ensuring your AT assessment reports are clearly written and legally defensible? I have experience conducting assessments and writing reports for litigious cases, and can help navigate challenging assessment scenarios.



  • Support Struggling ATs - Has your AT seen a sudden surge in assessment referrals? I can offer support to help them stay on top!

Would you like more information regarding AT assessment, team support, or student training? I'm here to help you!

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