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Helping School Districts Meet the AT Needs of Their Students

Services Offered

Comprehensive AT and AAC Assessments

Assessment is a collaborative process!


  • I work with parents and teachers to identify the area of need for AT

  • I complete a thorough and legally defensible AT assessment

  • I help all IEP team members understand how to integrate the recommendation into their daily routines without feeling overwhelmed!

Training Designed To Meet Your Student and Staff Needs

Past training topics include:

  • Successfully Integrating Technology in the Classroom

  • Expanding Your AT Toolbox – Accessibility Equipment and Programs for Students with Physical Needs

Coaching for IEP Teams and District AT Specialists

Coaching services include:

  • Collaboration with teams to create effective implementation plans

  • Review of AT assessments

  • Support for struggling ATs

Would you like more information regarding AT assessment, team support, or student training? I'm here to help you!

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