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Helping School Districts Meet the AT Needs of Their Students

Training Designed To Meet Your Student and Staff Needs

Student and Team Device Training



Devices don't work if we don't know how to use them! Training is an essential piece of the implementation process - without it, there is a significant chance that the student will become frustrated and resist using their supports. I teach you how to use devices and how to integrate the into daily classroom activities. I make technology approachable so that even the most inexperienced team member will feel confident about using the device!



To be effective, training cannot happen all at once. Training sessions need to occur over a period of time in order to introduce the student to their technology in phases so they can gradually build their skills and achieve mastery. Training aids, such as visual reference cards, are also provided for additional support and to increase the student's independence. Once a student is familiar and comfortable with their technology and have begun to utilize their supports to complete tasks, maintenance training might be necessary to assist the student and team if and when updates or new versions of their technology are made available, or if any regression occurs after a period of absence. 



It is important to include staff in training so they are aware of the student's needs, how and when their device should be used so they can provide assistance and encouragement to the student, and so they can help promote successful use of the technology in the classroom.



Staff Professional Development 


I love training and am always looking for new and exciting ways to make content engaging, memorable, and ultimately effective. I want staff to feel inspired and connect to the content so they can begin exercising their new knowledge and skills in their everyday instruction.


To do this, I structure training into bite-size categories into which I organize information as we progress through the training and build our knowledge!




Past Training Topics Include:


- Successfully Integrating Technology in the Classroom

- Expanding Your AT Toolbox – Accessibility Equipment and Programs for Students with Physical Needs


Would you like more information regarding AT assessment, team support, or student training? I'm here to help you!

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