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Helping School Districts Meet the AT Needs of Their Students

The Assessment Process

Would you like more information regarding AT assessment, team support, or student training? I'm here to help you!

Here is What I Can Do For You!


I work with the parents and teachers to 'find the gap' between what a student needs to be able to do and their current skill level. An assessment to find appropriate supports to fill that gap and meet student needs is meant to be a collaborative effort including the student, family, teacher(s), and additional IEP team members who know best understand the student's abilities. It is a multi-step process that includes a review of records and the success rate of prior technology and interventions tried, student observation, team interviews, assessment of current skills, and trials of considered AT that will best support the student's area of deficit across all environments. 



The assessment report is presented at an IEP meeting for the team to discuss the recommendations, an implementation plan, and any goals that may be necessary to ensure appropriate support and optimal device use and success. I help all IEP team members not only understand the student's needs, but show them how to integrate the recommendation into their daily routines without feeling overwhelmed! When recommendations are more complex, I break them down into small chunks so they are easy to comprehend and master.




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